How It Works

  1. We Convert your 2-D blueprints into 3-D virtual representations
  2. We then take your 3-D virtual representations and insert them into a virtuality model
  3. We'll give a realistic tour of the design to future homeowner(s) in a Virtual Reality experience.


Alec Hassfurther

Alec Hassfurther is a Construction Management student from Ferdinand, Indiana. His experience with AutoCad and Revit will help the Bellwether team attain their goal of simplifying the relationship between the design and finished product phases of construction.

Drew Atkinson

Drew Atkinson is a computer science student and software engineer currently studying at Purdue University. He has experience as a a web developer and is always building something with the latest web framework, whether as a business idea or a hackathon project. He currently interns at Genesys (Interactive Intelligence) as an Automation Engineer.

Reagan DePorter

Reagan is majoring in Professional Selling at Purdue. He is from Ogden Dunes, Indiana and has a passion for all things business.

Vritant Bhardwaj

Vritant Bhardwaj is passionate about creating, innovating, learning about new technologies and taking long naps on the beach.